Monday, July 24, 2006

Surprise !

The surprise was for me - the previous posting went on the web !!! I actually remembered my user name and password - great !!! I was really beginning to think that my mind was going for a six - I seem to be forgetting quite a few things these days.
Just got back from the lab and need to get back in another couple of hours' time - the damn paper needs to be corrected and re-written and I am feeling a little pissed off - with myself for haing made a mess of it in the first place. I should have been much more careful - I felt really bad when the reviewer pointed out that a similar circuit had been filed in a patent - guess when !!! 1971 !!! We will have to revise the entire thing or make the reviewer eat his words - along with a hefty dose of chili !!!
Had a bite at Tiffany's along with Dr.Jayashankar - he was filling me in on his Japanese experience. He seems to have had a bit of fun - and has put in quite a lot of work too. Good for him - wonder if something fruitful can come out of this, in the form of a inter-institute interaction !! Now, wouldn't that be something ??!!!

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