Monday, March 01, 2010

Mango Tree Revisited -1

 It is not often that we travel to a place so quickly again - I can't remember any other that I have gone back to so fast, except maybe Kappad and even that I am not sure if it was twice in less than two months. That just goes to show how smitten we - Anu and myself - were by Devashola and the Mango Tree cottage ! We were there in January for our anniversary and again this weekend, in the company of Biju, Anu and Saachi. To say that we like the place is an understatement - as Anu put it, of the places in India that we have visited, we would rate it next to Bison Wells in Kodaikanal. Perhaps even higher ! The place is totally removed from the crowds and accompanying noise, the views are glorious, you are the only visitors in around 700 acres of space, Murugan cooks up some fantastic meals and you have the entire place to yourself - what more could you ask for ? We are talking about the homestay at the Palaniappa and Sultana Estates of the Devashola Plantations, which is about 25kms away from Coonoor in the Nilgiris.
 I read about this place first when we were looking for a place to visit with KC and family, last October, when we were planning our regular trip together. I had almost decided on the place when we had to change our plans due to the fact that Swathi would not be able to stand the strain of the car journey from Bangalore over the winding Sigur ghats. We settled on a homestay in Iruppu on that occasion but Devashola had been on my mind since then and I was just waiting for an opportunity to go to the place.

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